Erik ate my biscuit
A crummy lap
Proof positive
Erik ate my biscuit
While I dreamt
Of a Lego lorry
That I could take

Periodic checks
At the Erik end
Of my bed
The biscuit
Apart from the bit
I eat
Proof positive

Checking in the morning
Leaning over the
Of my bed
And feeling under
My bed
For the dream lorry
That I did take
But I can’t fake
Proof positive

One is a dream
In sleep
The other a dream
Of me
I hope
To see
In reality

Now I’m in my 50’s
A Lego lorry
Is not what I want
So I never
Lean over the edge
Of my bed
At the end of my bed
Sits a chair
On the chair
Sits a bear
And on his lap?
No biscuit!
Proof positive