Drinking wine
In the daytime
On the eve
Of my daughter’s birthday

The only time
To wrap the presents
in time

Write a card
More wine
No time

We work opposite shifts
Me pm
You am
Filling in gaps
Left by me
Left by you

The chiefs of time
don’t care a dime
It’s not worth their time

I’ll always be there for her
You’ll always be there for her

What would I advise her?
If I could?
To put her on a better track
If I could go back

Could I?

Just by answering that question
Maybe I could break the mould
However old

I am
You are
Or maybe it’s too much?
Too far?

Grow plants and flowers
Stare at them for hours

On end

The bend
Of light
Of light that bends
Until it bends
Until the end
The end

“I met the mother and wrote this, outside a pub, in the daytime”