First, I had a whole life…then…

I started writing poems in June 2021, after waiting for 58 years.

I was always going to be an artist, so I thought. When I was young, I made the conscious decision that I had to live more life, before I could be a good artist.
Turns out it took a bit longer than I thought it would. It also turns out that something other than art appeared, as if by magic…

Unexpectedly, poetry came out of nowhere.
I woke up last June, at about 2am and needed to write words down.

After that, I kept my notebook and a pen next to my pillow. And always carried them with me in my man bag.

They came out of nowhere, unplanned, starting from a thought, view, word, people watching and listening, and just flowed from there. No idea what’s coming next or how long they’ll last.

Genuinely, its changed my life.

I hope you;

get bored
pissed off
fall asleep
wake up
and think again

Since I started writing, I’ve written over 200 poems, 3 books and performed multiple times in venues all around Bristol.

I have to mention the Hotwells Festival and Ben, as they gave me my first break, performing like a scared, drunk rabbit in 2021.

See you in one of my favourite haunts; I’m the boring/pretentious one scribbling in my little black book in the corner!

Baz McCarthy

my first poem
my first poem

writing poetry in Bristol
writing poetry in Bristol

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