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The Poems of Baz McCarthy

These are a selection of some of Baz McCarthy’s poems. Most poems were written in and around Bristol.  He doesn’t like writing at home, he says he needs the flurry of people rushing or sitting around, doing or saying pointless things to fill in their lives…

He’s always been a massive people-watcher and eavesdropper, so if you see some bloke furiously scribbling into his Moleskine on the table next to you…

Completely irreverent and lacking any formal training or respect for anyone who has, he writes from the gut and the heart and performs his poetry in the same powerful, yet carefree manner!

This year, 2023, he’s performed aplenty, around Bristol, in places such as El Rincon, The Bristol Fringe, Coffee#1, Eldon House, Fat Goat @ Jafra and Grain Barge and the poems get honed by audience reactions (shout-out to the many lovely, enthusiastic, patient and welcoming people who suffer at my poetic hands!).

Also, some these poems may well have changed by now and even grown into bigger and better poems, although I’m not saying bigger is always better!

Standard man

A designer shirt
With designer buttons
Containing a revolting man
In a revolting shirt
Gut early
Tucked in
To his jeans
Stuffed full
Of his fat legs
Designer stubble
Cufflinked sleaves

Short hair
Hiding imperfections
Peanuts eaten
With rapid aggression

Mobile on speaker phone
So we can all hear
You have absolutely
To say

Standard man
With low standards
Everyone he knows
Is on the level
The same level

No winding road
No wandering soul
Just a straight line
From birth
To death
But with his mates
Around him
Guiding him
The same


Everything collects dust
Parts of everything
On everything
Layers of everything
On everything
Only on the top
Pick it up
Leaves a silhouette
Of everything
And nothing

A button on my shirt

A button on my shirt
Four holes
that don’t hurt
String fellows
In and out
Round about
Loop de loop
tie ourselves
in knots
Where next?
Fields and rivers
have flowed past
Wind in the barley
Dust in the sun
Moths flutter
Flames flicker
But its just a button
on my shirt 

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