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The Poems of Baz McCarthy

These are a selection of some of Baz McCarthy’s poems. Most poems were written in and around Bristol.  He doesn’t like writing at home, he says he needs the flurry of people rushing or sitting around, doing or saying pointless things to fill in their lives…

He’s always been a massive people-watcher and eavesdropper, so if you see some bloke furiously scribbling into his Moleskine on the table next to you…

Completely irreverent and lacking any formal training or respect for anyone who has, he writes from the gut and the heart and performs his poetry in the same powerful, yet carefree manner!

This year, 2023, he’s performed aplenty, around Bristol, in places such as El Rincon, The Bristol Fringe, Coffee#1, Eldon House, Fat Goat @ Jafra and Grain Barge and the poems get honed by audience reactions (shout-out to the many lovely, enthusiastic, patient and welcoming people who suffer at my poetic hands!).

Also, some these poems may well have changed by now and even grown into bigger and better poems, although I’m not saying bigger is always better!

A memory of my mother’s

A memory of my mother’s
Tiny me
Disappearing along the beach
To reach
Other people
Despite my over sensitive reactions
To other people’s vocal actions

“Where’s he gone now?”

I always thought I was shy
But the thought that is mine
Is just mine

If you could still see my little footprints in the sand
There and back
Running away from my family
To other families
Testing them out
To see if they fit
Better for me

Running away but running back
Family is important
To me?… Read the rest

A bark going past

A dog in a van
A bark going past
The woof stops
At the T-junction
The van turns left
Back-seat driver!
The dog nods

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